Many of the BOOMDubbo commissioned work are based on characters that have a connection to Dubbo and the wider region.

They are the heroes, antiheroes, famous, infamous and significant individuals who have shaped our identity and the narrative of our history  – a cross-section of eras, backgrounds, pursuits and personalities.

Each artwork has its own page providing more information about the subject and images of the works as they were created.

To date BOOMDubbo has commissioned portraits of:
Kate Leigh, Colleen McCullough, Ben Hall, Breaker Morant, Sir Sidney Kidman, Sir Henry Kater, Ian Drake, Don Parish, Andrew Ryan, Megan Dunn, Brian Tink, Phillip Dutton, Melinda Gainsford-Taylor, Glenn McGrath AM, Ernie Toshack, Greg Ryan, Jon White, Pearl Gibbs (and a local child).

Portraits pre-existing BOOMDubbo included on this site include:
David Peachey

BOOMDubbo’s sister initiate, ROAR Music Festival has commissioned works through BOOMDubbo for the 9 April 2016 event. The works and artists who were involved are also listed on this site.

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