Ignite Partnership

BOOMDubbo Ignite Partnership

BOOMDubbo is excited to be working with Western Plains Regional Council’s IGNITE Program over the next year to create two new works in public spaces within the CBD. We aim to reactivate these spaces, create conversations around them to get locals and visitors alike rediscovering parts of Dubbo that have previously gone unnoticed.

The BOOMDubbo/IGNITE Program partnership is an example of public/private partnership that can provide multiple outcomes for a broad range of stakeholders – businesses, property owners, artists, tourists and residents.

The IGNITE program is an outcome of the former Dubbo City Council’s CBD Precincts Plan. The Program focuses on enabling people and businesses to take ownership of the CBD space through creative activation activities. BOOMDubbo is one of the first organisations to form a partnership with IGNITE in order to undertake a range of place activation projects, looking at spaces within the CBD in a new light and creating opportunities for a wide range of businesses and individuals in the process.

BOOMDubbo not only commissions large-scale artworks that can be seen around the CBD, but documents all the works and the artists who do them on the website, developing Google maps with notes for self-guided art walks, as well as providing these products to the community and third-party users, such as tourism operators, at the same time as actively marketing the artworks and the resulting products. BOOMDubbo is keen to work in partnership with businesses and the broader community, providing marketing opportunities and support.

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