199 Macquarie Street

199 Macquarie Street is a vacant lot in the main street of Dubbo. While it awaits development, the temporary fencing facade is being used as the framework for a series of digitally designed artworks printed on site mesh, by local and visiting artists. Some of these works have accompanying motion activated soundtracks that trigger as you walk along the street.

July-October 2016: Nathan Peckham


This indigenous design by Dubbo artist, Nathan Peckham is another of the digitally printed artworks commissioned through BOOMDubbo for temporary fencing at the first ROAR Music Festival in Dubbo on 9 April 2016. Nathan also produced unique designs for the speaker stacks on the festival stages. It was installed at 199 Macquarie Street in July 2016.

Read more about Nathan’s mural collaboration with Lewis Burns at Taronga Western Plains Zoo, Dubbo.

See the other designs commissioned for ROAR Music Festival

April – June 2016: El Studio’s ROAR Tiger

GIF of ROAR Tiger by El Studio & Gavin Williamson

ROAR TIGER by El Studio is a design commissioned through BOOMDubbo for the first ROAR Music Festival held in Dubbo on 9 April 2016. It was shown at 199 Macquarie Street in the lead up to the festival.

I wanted it to be a intricate and bold multi-layer vector design but I wasn’t happy with how they were coming together. So, I decided to strip it back to look like a concept sketch, to see how roughly it could be put together and still look like a stylish animal.
The final image is created with 50+ layers of vector watercolour brushes on a Wacom Pad – these things are magic.

FIND OUT MORE ABOUT THE ARTIST, EL STUDIO. The gif also includes the work of Gavin Williamson, another of the artists involved in designs for ROAR Music Festival.

August 2015 – March 2016: Fishdog’s Farting Cockatoos

Jack Randell Farting Cockatoos Macquarie Street Dubbo
Jack Randell, Farting Cockatoos, 2015, digitally printed site mesh with motion activated soundscape, next to the Milestone Hotel, Macquarie Street, Dubbo

FARTING COCKATOOS by Fishdog was the first digital mural designed for 199 Macquarie Street, which also included a motion activated soundscape. It is about reconciliation between environment and culture. The motifs are audacious, funny, common and accessible. However, the underlying theme is deeply serious – the accommodation of difference.

Commissioned by BPT


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Breaker Morant

Regan Tamanui Ha Ha BOOMDubbo
Ha Ha, Breaker Morant, 2015, stencil portrait, 213 Macquarie Street (behind the Tobacco Station/Network Video), Dubbo

BREAKER MORANT (1864 – 1902) by Ha Ha portrays one of the more colourful characters of the region’s history. Lieutenant Henry Harboard (Harry) Morant is perhaps better known for the manner of his death before a firing squad than what he did in life. Born in England, he spent some time in Australia reportedly breaking as many hearts as horses, often on the move from women and debt. In 1899 when the Boer War began, Morant was in Adelaide and he joined the 2nd Contingent, South Australian Mounted Rifles. He was executed by firing squad in 1902 after being charged with the execution of Boer prisoners. Morant spent some time in western NSW. There’s a memorial to Morant at Bogan Gate, NSW.

The Bruce Beresford directed movie about Morant was made in 1980.

Commissioned by BPT, this work is above Ben Hall behind the Tobacco Station/Network Video, 213 Macquarie Street.


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Other works

Roar Music Festival, multiple works

El Studio, temporary fencing design, Roar Music Festival, 9 April 2016

Check out the Roar Music Festival Artists page for information on the works BOOMDubbo commissioned for the first Roar Music Festival on 9 April 2016. Some of these works can be seen on rotation at 199 Macquarie Street.

Nick Adams, Big Blue, sculpture

Nick Adams BOOMDubbo sculpture
Nick Adams, Big Blue, sculpture, Macquarie Regional Library, Dubbo


A two-part, larger than life draught horse standing in feeding position, covered in bright blue hay string, Big Blue was completed in the autumn of 2015, by Tasmanian artist, Nick Adams. It was installed in the foyer of Macquarie Regional Library, Dubbo over the following winter and spring. Big Blue has been a talking point during its stay in the city. In his artist statement about the work, Adams wrote: I drew inspiration from my passion and love for Biodiversity, the Outback and Public Art, exploring the sculptural possibilities working with materials associated with agricultural and rural Australia.

Fishdog Jack Randell, Apollo House, mural

BOOMDubbo Jack Randell Fishdog Apollo House Dubbo
Fishdog Jack Randell, Apollo House, 2009, 11 Collins Avenue, Dubbo East

David Peachey and Aunty Pat Doolan feature with other local heroes on Apollo House Community Centre in East Dubbo. This project was completed after consultation about who best represented their neighbourhood. Aunty Pat Doolan has family up the road and David Peachey grew up across the street.

BOOMDubbo Fishdog Jack Randell Apollo House

For more public art around Dubbo go to the Dubbo Public Art website

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