Roar Music Festival Artists

Gif created by El Studio + Gavin Williamson

Roar Music Festival in Dubbo commissioned BOOMDubbo to produce several works for the first event on 9 April 2016. Like BOOMDubbo, Roar Music Festival is a not-for-profit group creating events and activities that contribute back to Dubbo and the wider region.

Several of BOOMDubbo’s founding artists as well as new talent in the stable produced a series of custom designs for the temporary fencing at the festival, artwork on the Roar Festival site office shipping container, and a ‘meeting place’ sculpture.

Artists involved in these works include:

Jeff McCann – sculpture
El Studio – container and fence design
Gavin Williamson – fence design
Nathan Peckham – fence design and speaker stack cover design
Fishdog Jack – fence design (see more of his BOOMDubbo work)
Poncho Army – fence design (see more of her BOOMDubbo work)

Ha Ha also returns to Dubbo for Roar Music Festival.

Some of the works being created for Roar Music Festival will remain in Dubbo and become part of the BOOMDubbo Street Art Stroll.

Roar Music Festival temporary fencing designs

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