Poncho Army

Poncho Army BOOMDubbo street art
Poncho Army BOOMDubbo street art
Poncho Army (photo: KV Goldsmith)

PONCHO ARMY (Trina Collins)

TRINA COLLINS runs Anchors Aweigh Art Studio, Wollongong, established in 2013. As Poncho Army she’s known for her detailed line work, precision cut stencils and signature splatter paint skies. She also works as a commercial mural artist, completing work for local councils across Australia as well as for businesses, and she works as a graphic designer.


Kate Leigh (near The Fast Lane Drive Thru Coffee & Milestone Hotel)
Colleen’s Thorn Bird (near The Fast Lane Drive Thru Coffee)
Ben Hall (behind 213 Macquarie Street – Video Ezy/Two Doors Restaurant)
Sir Henry (Kater’s Ram) (between 165 & 167 Brisbane Street – Boyce Chartered Accountants & Macquarie Credit Union)
Sir Sidney Kidman (behind 165 Brisbane Street facing Browns Lane – Macquarie Credit Union)

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