Ha Ha

Regan Tamanui Ha Ha BOOMDubbo


Regan Tamanui Ha Ha BOOMDubbo
Ha Ha (photo: KV Goldsmith)

HA HA (Regan Tamanui)

Ha Ha’s work explores the power of mass media within Australian popular culture. By using multi-layered stencils of up to 40 layers, Ha Ha’s work is a reflection of popular culture. He gets his images direct from the newspaper or from photographing the subject to tell a story of the here and now. Without the aid of a computer, his cutting technique produces lifelike imagery. Self taught he started by spray painting stencils on the street and has since graduated to showing in galleries, exhibiting for over 15 years in Australia and abroad. For more information go to Ha Ha’s blog or watch the BOOMDubbo interview with him.


Wall of Sporting Greats (cnr of 1 Church Street & Bligh Street – on Bligh Street)
Breaker Morant (behind 213 Macquarie Street – Tobacco Station/Two Doors Restaurant)
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