El Studio

El Studio

El Studio (Locky Naef)

Dubbo-based artist, Locky Naef works under the street name of El Studio and through his business, Solid Signs. He uses many mediums, learning a new medium with each new project – be it digital illustration, paints, carving, sculpting, stop motion, graphic design, spray cans – whatever works best for the idea or brief.

I prefer to be adaptable with the medium needed for the concept. Learn it, apply it and move on.

Naef likes to be diverse in style but there are common, recurring concepts going on – his views of the future, social aspects but mainly things he thinks look funny or cool in his head.

Most pieces I make for self gratification, I’m not trying to please anybody but myself. Fulfilling an inner mission of constantly evolving and conquering existing and new skills. Art is subjective, it’s doesn’t need to be sold to be understood. If somebody gets something from it, sweet.

He believes he has a dream job.


Roar Music Festival site container (BOOMDubbo container, northern end of Macquarie Street)
Roar Music Festival temporary fencing design


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