Cardigan Threads Collective

Cardigan Threads Collective’s Jeff McCann


The name represents the broad range of work created by Jeff McCann. He also uses the name Flute Bags for his range of cardboard bags.

His practice is multi-disciplinary  – drawing, painting, making, building, sewing, gluing, cutting, taping etc. The only constant being the use of re-purposed cardboard and papers.

…the cardboard reminds me to remain free and playful when workings…to enjoy the process and not to stress.

Jeff enjoys the challenge of taking something that is considered rubbish and transforming it into something of value and purpose again – to make the audience question what they throw away.

My work celebrates the handmade, the notion of play and the materials used. I never want to hide the fact I use cardboard.


Urban Trees (Western Plains Cultural Centre, Community Arts Centre)

Jeff McCann sculptures
Maquettes of the pyramid sculptures, Urban Trees, developed for Roar Music Festival
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