Colleen’s Thorn Bird

Poncho Army BOOMDubbo mural

Poncho Army, Colleen’s Thorn Bird, 2015, spray painted mural, The Fast Lane Drive Thru Coffee, Dubbo

COLLEEN’S THORN BIRD by Poncho Army is a tribute to Wellington-born Colleen McCullough (1937 – 2015) and the book that brought her literary fame – The Thorn Birds (1977). It changed the former neuroscientist’s life forever, giving up her medical research work to write. The Thorn Birds became a mini-series in the 1980s and the second highest rated miniseries of all time in the US (after Roots).

Commissioned by The Fast Lane Drive Thru Coffee and BPT, this work is located at The Fast Lane Drive Thru Coffee, 15 Bultje Street.

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